2021 Annual General Meeting and Guest Speaker Event

The 2021 AltaABA Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be an online event, held on May 1, 2021 at 10:00AM MDT. If you are a current AltaABA Member please look out for more details in an upcoming email.

Following the AGM, please join us for an online guest speaker event at 1:30PM MDT.

This 2-hour presentation will be focused around the structure and applications of Direct Instruction programs for teaching fundamental literacy skills. Why these programs work, what they consist of, and how they can support numerous types of learners. Mr. Maloney has an extensive background in addressing core literacy foundational issues. He will be discussing research, the features of Direct Instruction, how Direct Instruction can be used in everyday teaching, and future developments in implementation that may address common concerns.

Across North America, 35% of 2nd graders still cannot read even after at least 3 years of instruction. We have had a solution to the problem for at least four decades, but we do not provide it to our teachers. Instead we ignore and refuse to disseminate the research that has consistently taught children to be competent readers. I will review this research and the methods emanating from it to help provide teachers with a better set of strategies to help their kids. Over the past 45 years, my staff, my colleagues and I have taught more than 100,000 children and adults to read. We also provided a money-back guarantee for learning and taught parents how to determine if we were being successful. – Michael Maloney

If you are interested in attending the guest speaker presentation, tickets are available online.